Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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This is the first day I am writing on my blog.

I wonder if anyone is ever going to read this. Well I suppose that doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that I am sitting here in front of my laptop- if I can call it that. It doesn't really serve the purpose of laptop because I can't carry this two tonne windows Xp around...

But it does the job.

It is allowing me to reach out to whoever is listening. Its so cool that we have the internet and blogs to do that for us now.

But as I write this here, I feel I am extending a better and more authentic touch than a cellphone chat dialogue can satisfy.
It is the beauty of words...
Some Japanese book on the Tao says that everything that we experience in life is word... Everything  has a name. In life I am a composition of words, that is all and everything that can ever describe me, or any other human for that matter...

Yea yeah yeah...No need for a lesson in philosophy, there is life and all its constant challenges for that!!!

I cant help it!!!!!!!!

For a long time, I have been exploring the internet and all that it brings to an individual and all aspects of a human's life. I heard that the UN announced that internet is a basic human right....Yes about time!!!!! It is only right!
There is infinite information available on the net and it is cruel and to neglect people of that access.

The content on the web is so-o much, too much to digest it all in a single lifetime..

But there are sites and things on the web that just fascinate and amuse me constantly. The news, music, interface and the information. I can download most of my favorite things. Like music, videos and books!!! I love the net!!!

But I hate the tonnes and loads of garbage that saturates the web. It is somewhat inevitable that with so much stuff online, the bulk of what is thrown in our faces is useless trash!

The search for objectivity!!!! The Scam-free!!!!!!

I vowed once to never spend a single dollar online. I still haven't!!!!! So proud of myself!!!!

Well, the reason being that I didn't have the money to pay cons and thieves and like everyone else approaching the internet, I have my eyes wide open for scams and crooks!!!

I did however invest an amount of $50 dollars... WELL, MORE ON THAT LATER IN THE BLOG!!!!!!!

So the day that I do pay for something, my dear sweet blog will know....

I start this blog with the merry intention of making money online using the systems and the tools available to me and hopefully to everyone else!


That is what this is, that is what the internet is!!! Information!!!!!

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