Monday, 29 October 2012

45 Work From Home Sites

Making Money online or offline is never easy.

The internet is boobie-trapped and you are the ultimate businessman if you can operate a company without paying a single cent to anyone besides the service provider for internet and the electricity to keep the screen flashing!

If that were the case then we would all be starting businesses on the internet and, obviously nobody would make money!!!!
So you have to pay for what you get!!!!!!!

But when it comes to making money online a lot of people are skeptical, instead of buying a brilliant book they can not find at their local store, they instead keep their money and waste it on popcorn and cheese! They want to make money online and not spend it at all. Yes!!! That's me too!!!!!!

I want to profit from day one until the end of time!!! Don't we all want that?


But is it possible to make money without spending a single cent????

Yes!!!!!! And you can start now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hold your applause please......


Well, I have also included free internet great offers for you and you can explore some things that can earn you plenty of cash and extra things!!!

If you know about internet surveys, then you will know that it is hard enough to find a great survey site that pays well and has you making money unless you are here!

So here are some websites that can help you to get started making your career online easily and at no cost. You can be up an running in a matter of minutes once you register and activate your account you can start earning!

Just click the links and follow to the pages and you are well on your way to internet ca$h!!!!!!

1. is an awesome site, although you dont get paid in real cash straight away you can redeem the points you earn and convert them to money if you don't want to receive free gift cards with
It can be awesome to do a lot of stuff like playing games and taking online surveys!!!!

2. Linkbucks is a network that helps bloggers and people who want to advertise programs on the net for free!!! This is a great way to generate traffic and get exposure for free!!!

3. Partnerwithpaul is awesome! It lets you create an income of $500-5 000 a month. You will register and will be trained to make money for free!!!!!!!!!!
Once you follow this link he will give you a secret website that made his dreams come true!!!!!! Sign up now!!!

4. I use Blogger, but with Wordpress  you can learn to make money with a blog!! 

There are many platforms that you can use to start a blog, it depends what your niche is in some cases. There are millions of blog sites, all with different communities. You have to pick the one  that suits you best!
You can easily start making money from your blog although it takes a little bit of patience and persistence! You can sell your products or other people's products to make money with a blog!

5.  It is harder to find the best place to make money. A website doesn't need to be a work of art, it needs to be reliable and suitable for your needs.
I started off making money on the net this way years ago!!!!!!! This is awesome! 

  I thought  paid-to-click was a waste of time because it takes too long to make money. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
I urge you to try this for at least a month!!!!!!!! See how it works out before you disqualify it.
Thefreemoneyteam is a great place that will make your revenue grow as you get more clicks! You have to grow your team; and make more and more ca$h!!!
This is the only site that actually worked for me! It made me realize that you can actually make money online if you work at it.
With this site, you are in a network that shares and builds profits together! So you are part of a team that you can grow and make as much cash as you want!
There's more!!!! On this site, you have the option to get FREE TRAFFIC to your blog or website!!!!!! So awesome. You know the equation developed by Albert Einstein right: 
Traffic = $$$$$

Okay maybe it wasn't Einstein but that's how it works!

What are you waiting for!???!??!?!?!?!

6. I know this other site called ezlist. You get paid for reading emails and you also get access to awesome deals online. There are really great, I do advise that you get a separate email address for when the money starts pouring in! Try it! its Free!!!!!!!!!

7. If you live in the U.S or in Canada, there is a great opportunity to make tonnes of cash with a site called my!! I know people who are making some serious money from this!!! daily! Try It!!!!!

8. Sidetick is a great website that allows you to take free surveys!!!!! Earn some ca$h right now from the comfort of your home! Wait, there is more! From this site you can watch UNLIMITED movies and series for FREE!!!!!!!! yeah! ! !Check it out!!!!!!!!!

9. Prizelive is great!!!! You get paid for playing games and taking surveys!!! For real. But whats better is the fact that you get paid directly into your paypal account!!!! That means you can get paid around the clock for a lifetime!!!!!

I really should be charging for this information!!!! But don't worry as long as you SUBSCRIBE or leave a comment I'll be fine. You have access to more of these great and better offers!!!!!! 

Okay, there are tonnes of ways to make money online and the ways that I am giving you here are simply the best ways to make the most money online. You will be surprised at how easy some of the things that I display here are!!!!!!

10. Here at Mylot, you can find tonnes of great offers that make your wallet obese! On this site you will find discussion forums, other websites, other offers to complete. Get paid to read surveys, to comment, to shop and play games. Boost your income by doing something fun right here!!!!

11. AwSurveys is the place to be to make cash giving opinions on products and reviewing websites its, so easy... And Free!!!!!! You get to collect all your money on Monday and make more and more. Start reviewing websites and make instant money!!!!!!

12. Cashcrate has great offers and you can make a lot of money now. in fact you get $1 free when you complete your registration!!!! Earn cash now!!!

13. Click here to see how you can make money by simply having a blog. There are easy ways to make cash online and this is a fine example. When you click you will be directed to a site that can help you make money for adding a hit to it! Isn't that easy. You are learning how you can be  millionaire on the internet by directing traffic. See how!!! Its is too easy!

This site will give you $100 free to start trading online!!!! By all means you can easily trade on the stock market in the super-easy way that makes you tonnes of money. Learn the basics here and go to the Site and trade with free capital of $100!
You  cannot lose!
Learn more...

15. If you want to earn some extra cash through someone clicking on your link then look here. Click on the link that will take you to adfly, sign up, shrink the url links to your site or blog. That way, you earn money when someone clicks on the link! You can make money BECAUSE you are making money!!!!!!!

Here is another one... If you are a good copywriter you can get a writing job that pays well. You are paid by the word! You can earn up to 4 cents per word!!! Imagine if you write a 500 word document... that would be an easy $20.00!!!!!!! This is a great site if you can write, although as a newbie don't expect the big bucks at first, success is a ladder!!!!! SO, a good copy-writing site is: interact media!!!!!

16. You can get paid for posting reviews on sites like epinions or

17. Have you heard about freelance sites? There are many sites that you can make money from on the internet. You get paid for your skills in any sort of category. There are millions of jobs waiting for you to take and make some money from. Here are some of them:  

18. pays you $5 for doing stuff that you love to do! Actually, you get $4 dollars for doing a job. It is pretty great and could make you money instantly. Try it here!!!!

19. YOU can start a blog and start making money from getting a following. It is easy to set up a blog like this one. All you need to do is find something you are passionate or enthusiastic enough about and start earning cash from it.
There are programs like Adsense- that add cents to your wealth!
You can use blogger or wordpress to make a great blog!

20. You can earn money from writing posts on forums! You can get paid for just saying things on your mind, isn't that great. I spend a lot of time on the internet and I find it awesome that i can make money from commenting in forums. You can try or

21.  PEOPLE are making money in different ways online. I think that a great way to make real money is to name domains! There are so many companies that are being set up on the internet as we speak! But guess what! They need cool and catchy names! There is an opportunity for you to come up with catchy or funny domain names and you can sell them!!!!! Ka-Ching!!!!!

22. You can sell your photographs if you have the talent to produce them. That is the great thing about the internet, you can make money doing almost anything that you like doing!

23. You can write adverts for Google ads!!! Have you ever thought of doing that? If you love writing and are creative, this is a great opportunity for you!!!

24. You can be a copywriter on ebay!!! They are always looking for great writers that help them to sell their products, if you can write sales copy, you are well on your way to making real money!!!!!

25. You know that the online community is huge and there are niches everywhere you look, you only have to be more creative in your approaches!!!! You can make money writing personal ads for people who do online dating!!! It's great if you are already a good writer. It helps for people to connect based on the unique personal ads for dating that you write!!! So cool!!!!!! 

26. You can become a Virtual Assistant!!!! try
You need good administration skills, internet and a phone!

27. Are you a Geek or a Nerd like me? If you are good at something, you have to get paid for it so that you keep on getting better at it. There are people out there who are clueless about something that you probably can do very well. So you know what you can do to make money???? You can be the Go-to guy for something such as setting up a website, or install a plug-in or SEO jobs. There is a site that does that called webgeek for hire!!! You're expertise should get you paid.

28. Do you know other languages? You can be an online transcriber, that means you are the communication middleman/ or woman!!!! you can do that on freelance sites like odesk

29 Applications are great! Some of them are plain boring and irritating. If you have great ideas for I-Phone apps make your own cool applications that you can sell to make money.

30. You can write a book! Yes! if you are daring enough to do so. It should be targeted to people who need it for a particular reason. This plan can make you little or a lot of money.

31. Start a website that serves a niche. Any niche you are passionate about. You can make money writing and selling toothpicks if you do it right!!!!!!!

32. People are always looking for knowledge and new things to learn. You can interview someone prominent and sell the interviews to get money. You can also sell some old seminars or lectures that are educational or entertaining!

33. If you are great at art and designing this is a great site for you to try and get paid off. is great for people who have a talent or ability to create and design things!

34. You can edit video or sound on behalf of someone else. You have to learn how to do it but you can find people who want those services on freelance sites! This is a great thing to do if you are musically oriented. 

35. You know how people are always looking for a bargain, we all want to find the best prices for the things we get. The best price is FREE!!!! But that doesn't always happen. But you can make some money off the ebay arbitrage.
This is a system where you find a product in one place and see if you can get the same thing at a cheaper price elsewhere, you make money off the difference after you buy it and resell it!!! EASY!!!!

36. You can make money of advertising on your blog. You can get paid to post thing on any subject in your blog!!! IS that great or what???? visit!!!!!!!!!!!

37. Make money as a social bookmarker for other blogs on the sites that promote that! you will be paid for getting other people traffic to their websites! The demand is there because bloggers want to have comments and traffic to their sites. So you can choose from a host of sites like redit, digg, fark, furl, newsvine, socialmarker........

38. You know that you can also make money through donations. You need a platform for that- like a blog- you need reasonable content and you can get paid through sponsors who like you or your content! Donations can be directly to your account through paypal!!!!!!

39. You can write how to articles that get you paid!!!!!!! The internet is starving of fresh and original content. You can make money on You will be paid according to the response of your content and how appealing it is... Get creative!!!!!

40. Find a business and propose to make them an online blog or website that helps them and you!!!! It is a necessity for companies to want to increase their online presence and you could be the reason and catalyst!!! So find a company you like and help them grow online!!!

41. Help people to find work!!! Like me!!!!! We need to make that money and at times we just don't know where to get it, that means you can help people make money by finding jobs for them whodoyouknowfordough, wisestepp, referearns...........

42. You can be the link between a buyer and a seller, you get paid for making them meet and shake hands!!!! That is quite easy. try uRefer, innersell........

43. You know if you can write there is so much space and opportunity for you! You can get paid for page views, that means you have interesting information! you can go to associated content, or helium and find ways to write and make money!!!!!

44. Offer a service!!! anything you can think of that people may benefit from!!!!!!!!!!! That is the highest form of wealth, intellectual property. Maybe you are a good speaker, or a great poet, or good consultant. ALL these can get you paid!!!! SO WHY WAIT!????????

45.There is a way here that can help you make money online Get FREE TRAFFIC OR ADVERTISING!!!

here! is a link to profit! You will get $10 to start off with so you know that it isn't a scam!!!!

ou will then get paid for surfing while you generate traffic to go to your site!!!

Here is how it works: You have your blog or website right? SO, in order for you to make money off it, you have to monetize it, that means you have to generate traffic to it!! How do you get traffic?? You follow this link that will lead you to a site that will GIVE you FREE TRAFFIC!!!!+ FREE $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does it get any easier????

All you do is point, click and surf!!!! You make money the easy way!!!!! try it now!!!!!

There are so many ways to make cash instantly online. 

OK, Ok, I know that you are expecting over a hundred ways to make money online from home!!! I just gave you 40something amazing, out of the box ways to get money online!!!!!!

These methods are MORE THAN ENOUGH  to get you rich beyond your imagination!! SO stop complaining and get a move on!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that the value you get from this is well over the 101 ways to make money.....

Here is the last tip, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!

There are a lot of things that can get you money, but if you want to rich or wealthy, you have to continue doing what you are doing. If you are doing something, anything, that is a great start!!! So get it cracking and make money online now!!!!!!!

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