Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Instant Success Formula

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Get some. You have to DO something! Anything!!!!!! 

Or else you will lose all chances to get the things you deserve.

If you are prepared to be successful, you have to be prepared to fail... Failure breeds the nature of your success.

Whatever idea or thought you have is golden!!!!

Look. An idea is like a seed. You plant it and you have to do all the necessary things to water it and take care of all aspects regarding its growth.

Do you nourish your ideas constantly??

Listen, Many people have ideas of what money is and how it is bad. To me its neither. I think that MONEY is ENERGY!!!!!!!

Money makes things possible. 

Money is made to seem all important in today's world. It is actually the most useless, useful thing there is!!!!!!!

Money is so useful, basic and necessary that it should be given away for free!!!!!!!

It's a shame that we have to work for money doing boring things we hate!!!!!!!!

You have to love the process of getting money. That is why I have this blog!!!!!!!

But the love of MONEY above ALL is the evil that The Bible speaks about 

Ecclesiastes 7:12 : 

For wisdom is for protection, the same as money is for a protection; but the advantage of knowledge is taught wisdom itself preserves alive its owners.

There are so many other things that takes precedent over money!!!

Family, friends, health, quality of life, connectivity, joy, love etc. 

"Do what you love and love what you do!!!!!!


 'Genius is only patience' - Buffon

'It is better to deserve without receiving that to receive without having.'  -  Robert Ingersoll

'Good intentions are, at least, the seed of good actions; and everyone ought to sow then and leave it to the soil and the seasons whether he or any other gather the fruit.' -  William Temple

'If you ever find happiness by hunting for it, you will find it, as t the old man did his spectacles, safe on his nose all the time!' Josh Billings

'If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.' Bible

'Be humble or You will stumble'  -  Dwight L. Moody

'Only the wise posses ideas, the greater part of mankind is possessed by them. -  Colridge

'And no one shall work for money, and no one shall work for fame,
but each for the joy of working.' Rudyard Kipling

'Work is more fun than fun.' Noel Coward

'He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.' Bernard Shaw

You have to know that you are; what your mind thinks you are, that’s why you should hold and believe in the very best!!! You have to see and know, the good, the better to realize the best in you!!!!!!!!

As an entrepreneur, you are a leader of a team or operation, you are the shadow that hovers over the image of the company. I don’t like it when bosses patronize employees, it isn’t intelligent to make someone work in bad conditions yet expect outstanding results all the time. 

The fact that I like about working at home is that I am my own employee and I take care of my only worker, me!

You have to make it what you want it to be. In the case of working from home, you have to make it work out! However, they always said that the life of an Artist can be a lonely one!!!!!! Sometimes the workload is heavy but it is fun to do what I love!!!!!!!

To have the support from those who love me is great too!!!!!!

Being self-employed means you are the boss and worker, remember that. 


 I was thrilled by the vastness of the internet and all the things you can do to earn real money online. It hit me that there has to be a way to earn enough to be more than comfortable. I found the way!

When I first heard that the internet is a money-making-machine, I wasn't all that surprised. Obviously people make money on the internet; it is the internet after all! I had no idea how to do it and I wasn't even interested in knowing how it is done! I thought that it is so far away from my understanding and abilities! Then in my search for answers, I discovered that there is so Much Ca$h flowing on the internet!!!!!! $o much!!!!!!!

The vital thing is information!!!!!

But it finally hit me that the people who make the money on the internet are just people like you and me.
People who have an internet connection, a comfortable chair, the curiosity to find out how it is done and the DRIVE to keep doing it!!!!!!
The DRIVE is the passion!!!!! The Burning desire!!!!!!!

You have to have an idea, any idea, to make money on the internet. Best to make it something that you love.

You too can learn the easy ways that you can make money online. It is a matter of dedication and action!
The impact that this information really changed my life! 

Have you EVER heard of something called GoogleSniper??

My reaction was: You mean I can make cash while I sleep, now until I have as much as I want? 
That is how it really works! And its for FREE it's on the internet!!!!!!!


isn't all roses and cream tarts though. You have to know what you are doing; it's a though business out there! You have to be vigilant and constantly adapting! There is nothing that changes faster than the internet. Make sure that your success 
isn't short lived online. You need to be a place of serenity, you have to be a BRAND!!!!!!!!> more on that later!

You have to secure your spot right now if you want to be sucessful with this!

Once you Stop Learning You Stop Earning!!!!!!!

You have to keep searching for tools and ways! Are you going to make your business grow? Are you looking to get rich right now or work until you profit?

The program called GoogleSniper that I have here is not free!!!! Dont worry! I you want free ways to make money, I have a post that can help you that!!!! 

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Success requires you to start with the smallest step. if you don't know where to start be smart and just START!!!!!

There is no shortcut to success!!! 

If you want to make money from Home!  Invest in yourself!!!

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When is the last time that you did that?????

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All I am offering is a chance to express yourself and make some money while you are at it!

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