Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Internet Marketing is For Losers

The Winning Loser
How Social Rejects Become The Highest Paid!
Its true. Internet was made by geeks for geeks. The rest of you are just visiting this planet!

I know what it means to be a loser. I was never popular at school, nor did I ever want to be! There are cool people and uncool people, that is just the way it was/is.
I like the idea of the internet, although I still never wanted to become popular online. 

The Internet Marketer

It takes a certain type of person to be a successful internet marketer. Not everyone is cut out for this.

I risk prejudicing the entire digital marketing community, BUT to be honest not all of us are geeks, nerds or losers. Not every doctor is a genius right?

I raise this point to state: you have to a different person in order to become a success at this 'cloud-lifestyle'.

The World Of The Internet Marketer

You have the right to be lazy if you're an internet marketer. You become your own boss after you create your own job, even hire some people and make more money!

The sky is the limit!

Losers Rule!

Mark Zukerburg is not a stud, he's self-made billionaire and a nerd! Facebook is responsible for the most billionaires under the age of thirty!

Being a Nerd is cool. We are in the information age and we are now the Kings of this era! Anyone can be a Nerd!

How To Be A Loser

You may want to know the magic formula to being one of us. It isn't easy, it's basic!

1. Be yourself: There is nothing better than being natural and yourself. That means loving what you do beyond any circumstances. 
What you love can be as lame as snails or as awesome as aliens, passion is key!

2. Be Proactive: Always be quick to act, fix problems, make better ways and find solutions. 
You have to be go-to-guy; the expert!
Being proactive is taking effective action. Being a Guru is lame, being a Consultant is better! When you are a loser you are...yourself! There is nothing that can beat you! Trust me, if you are a true loser, many have tried to break you, and all have failed. You have tough skin but dull teeth!

3. Sharpen your teeth and Learn: Once you say you know everything, you know NOTHING!
You have to learn the things you don't know. 
 Here is something sobering:

There are things you know,
There are things you don't know,
There are things you know you don't know,
There are things you don't know you don't know.

You have to shake things up, step out your comfort zone and master many skills! 
Exercise patience, train your consciousness, conquer your fears, experience adventure and continue to love!

4. Take action:  You should be quick to think, fast to listen BUT slow to speak. 
Mastering the art of listening, is mastering the art of communication. You will learn to improve all aspects of your financial, mental, physical and emotional relations. 
Try to think as you wish but act like the people you aspire to be. You must have your role models and people of influence who empower your soul!

5. Assume formlessness: ...

'There is no chemical solution to a spiritual problem'

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Raise Capital For a Business Start-up

Business is booming! Each day a new business ing lunched!

The ticky part what you want to do! The truth is, you can do anything! However, you have to pick the best things!

After you know what you want, figure out how you are going to finance it.


Internet start-ups are coveted bcause they are

Fast and easy to initiate
They require little or NO initial capital
They can be about anything, serving a niche

The internet grants people the platform to setup a business that competes on the world wide web reaching millions of people!

It is wise to supplement your business with the online audience for better visibility.

Now, the trick how to get your hands on money!

Get Your Hands On Capital

In this day and age, you don't have to walk into a bank to get real money.

There are Venture Capitalists who are always looking for lucrative investments! You have to have a business plan with a forseeable view!

Crowdsourcing  is a great way to raise capital for any business you are starting!

Monday, 15 July 2013

3 Steps: To Make Money Online and Work From Home

Blog to Riches in Niches

There are many different people online doing different things to make money. Blogging is a free way to make money from home.

If you love writing like me, you will discover this easy way to make money online. It may take time but it works.

A blog is like a website, you can turn it into one if you buy the domain name.

What to do

We are living in the information age, the internet is a form of  information. You can sell the information in these three simple steps!

I have the three simple steps that allow you to make money online in this short article.


The first step:

1. Find your passion

If you know what you love doing then you are ahead of everyone else who does what they don't love because you cannot prosper doing what you have no passion for.
When you identify what you love, you discover a niche. A niche is a group of people whose problems you solve. They are your market. 
TO find a suitable niche you have to magnify the field you want to specialize in.
If your passion is writing, then sell information about writing through your free blog!

2. Start a blog

A blog is a great way to make money if you love to write. 
Now, the reason I am suggesting a blog is because it is free, and free is awesome right. A blog is different from a site because it is a conversation with your viewers.
Luckily, there are many ways to make money with a blog. You must update it daily and it will frequently be searched and ranked on the various search engines. 
You have to Optimize the content to be identified with keywords. The more you update your blog, the more money you are likely to make.
You have to set up an auto-responder. Your blog will have people who need the information you are giving them. You need an auto-responder to cope with the rising number of people who subscribe to your  blog. This is when the money rolls in. The people who subscribe are your potential clients for information products.

I advise you to make your own information products to realize great profits!

3. Get Adsense and Promote Products!

When you have traffic, you will have an income from people who are attracted to the adverts on your blog. Adsense is the largest internet advertising company and you will benefit from each and every click on your Adsense adverts that you place strategically on your blog!

Depending on your niche you can find a product to promote. You become an affiliate marketer! You will get a commission from selling products from sites like Ebay, Clickbank or Amazon! You can make some money doing this through your  blog.

Tell me what you think! 
It seems so easy but it is really a lot of work because there it the issue that you always need to stay updated and ready to dispense the information and knowledge that you have. You don't have to worry about doing anything that you really care about. So choose your true passion and work on it!!!!

Blogs are free, so you can trade in the thirty minutes you sit around picking your nose or eating fatty food and turn it into a cash system that really has no limit!!!!

Once you get the free blog going and working from home you will see that there is no money coming in!!!


There are times when I would scratch my head in deep realization that I am not making any money yet I am slaving for hours on end without a single result!

Internet marketing short story!

"This sucks! I cannot do it! There is no way  I am ever going to make money this way." He buries his face in his palms
It has been over a year and he has been trying everything to make money online. It doesn't work. 
"I might as well just call my boss and get my old job back man!" he says to Henry.
Henry is a successful Internet Marketer. He has a blog about himself, his favorite subject. He does nothing besides research, work out, post on his blog and talk to girls. When Todd discovered this method of making money, he was instantly hooked. The lifestyle seduced him. 
Henry has no conventional job, he works however he wants and he always seems to have more than enough money in his pocket!
His job is simply to pick up girls. That is his life, that is his career!

When Todd quit his job he thought it would be a simple transition from working at the bank! 
The first few weeks were awesome. He had no alarm clock, no schedule. Just his computer and a lot of enthusiasm!
He created a blog about fashion and design. 
On his blog he talks of people and the evolution of fashion!
The first month was fine.  He had some money saved up but everything did not go accordingly. He felt demorolized when he spend his last $1000 on rent!
Todd has spent countless hours and many months but he has not made a single sale.
It is dismal. Not a single person will buy what he is selling! He is working online but he has no job, no money and soon NOWHERE TO LIVE!

"I cannot do this. It doesn't work! How do you do it Henry?"
"You know I cannot just tell you! It took me years to perfect so it is something great to me, sort of my life's work!" he says and pulls a smile.
Todd is on the verge of tears. He is losing everything to a dream he was chasing. Now his friend wont share his secret with him!
"I am losing everything, my life is done!" he sobs. "Just tell me!"
"Okay, just promise to buy me a beer with your first few checks! It's nothing mind blowing or completely new! The truth is, I spent so much time looking for ways to make money online and guess what, I discovered there are so many ways to do that!" he laughs and lights a cigarrette.
"I discovered sites,blogs and books, but most of them are not equiped to make anyone rich but only prosper to entice! Long story short, the problem, in this case, was the cure!"
"What was the problem? Or should I say cure!" Todd says feeling rejuvanated.
"Information is everything today Todd. People are on the internet because on one thing: Information. Face it, wether its Facebook, Google, Tim's Blog, Twitter or Youtube they are searching for different types of information." He smiles, his blue eyes sparkling.
Todd is stupefied and silent, he is realizing the simple truth of digital marketing.
"The problem we all have is information overload. That is what you have Todd. You have the tools, the knowledge and the will but you lack the strenght to look past the crap and uncover the gems. That is the exact problem I had. But guess how I overcame it," He takes a long drag of the minty smoke and blows it through his nose. "I gathered all the information I had and I turned it into a product!"
"What sort of product? What is the information?" He says.
"It is an information product about what I know best: Girls and dating. I made a 300 page e-book on how to date girls, how to make them smile and all that. I included everything anyone like me would like! But here is the crazy part: I gave it away for free!!!"
"What? How do you make money by doing that? Isn't that insane?"
"No, it is not. I gave away all my knowledge in exchange for contacts. You see, if they like what they see hopefully they will be back for more and I will continue to build and give them quality information through a newsletter delivered in emails! It keeps them intrigued and me in business!"
"So it may take time, but it works! Quality information is KING!" 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Online Investment Freedom

The cash is all around us and there is no stopping it!


What is the best online investment?

What is the simplest, cheapest and fastest?

Don't settle for less, go for Gold! Because you deserve it!

I think people who enjoy being rich are those who do what they love and love what they do!

It is a blessing to live life and not worry about money!

IT is better to work when you want, how you want! The Freedom of Free Money!

That is why there is all this craze about making money online and how to work from home but most people are still stuck in mud, trying to find a solution.

I don't think that there is a single solution to everyone's monetary problems but I hope to strike the right chords with a few of you and hopefully make money doing what I live and love to do! I love to write! I love to get people happily involved with what may change their lives for the BETTER in order to be the BEST ! !     !

There are those of you who will find this as a great way to make money and get rich!

Here is a hint: Its an investment!

The easy way!