Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Waste of White

Why do they keep on telling me that cash is King when these bastards bling with plastic rings??

I don't know.

Today I was reading one of my favorite magazines called Braintainment. It is an in-depth Geeky mag!!!
What does it take to be a geek? Well, in the old days it used to be a person with a blog, but now we all have blogs, worse still we all have internet. They raped the culture!!!!!!
But hey, I was saying that I was reading the mag... There is an article of how to get filthy rich and there is a quote from a man called Isreali Daniel Kahneman, he says that being rich is a choice!!!!!

How true!!!!!

There is a choice in all the things that we do and the outcome is a result of those choices and/or actions. Well, the article goes on to talk about things like height and being nasty (Yea) lead people to wealth.

All that I got from it though is the fact that it is all a state of mind and the rest is what is must be... The mind sees and the body bees....

Now Nicki Minaj is ringing in my head.....Argghhh!!!!
I beez in the trap...Beez beez in the trap!!!!!!hahahaha

There really is no easy way around it all....Life! I love it so....

So to be filthy rich firstly one has to be able to go through the process of hard work. I have seen that in most people, they don't really want to start from the beginning of anything. They always want something when it holds some sort of social appeal. That leads me to dismissing some people as fake but its only conditioning, perhaps I also secretly do that!!
In these times that we live in, the notion of work has changed.

They used to say that the rich person doesn't work at all! Only the poor bust their ass day in and day out for that rich person for wa-y less...
That was the truth, still is...At least true to me.

As I type this, I am sitting in my bed. I am wearing an orange pair of shorts and socks that need to be changed!!!hahaha. I am shirtless. I am exhausted from a long day of work where I had to work for another person's establishment... The Kicker: I don't even get paid! I get tipped!
There is so much bullshit that I go through each day to get some cash to just get by. Such is life.

Well, this goes back to choice! I choose to wake up and go to work each day and in turn I have chosen the circumstances...
When I am working under the rules and laws of this company, I don't feel free! I am not so creative, I am inhabited by my choice....

That is the reason I feel more and more adjusted to the goals that I have set for myself. That is financial- no- complete freedom.
I will document it every step of the way and also introduce more ways to do what I will do.

This Blogtastic Blog is for anyone with the intention of being a free and liberated soul. This is for the Economic Rebel. This is for you and me. This is for anyone who has a job, or doesn't!

We all deserve the best and better things in life and we can never grow unless we are liberated by our ideas and our minds!!!!


Be Free!!!!!

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