Thursday, 25 October 2012

5 ways to Make your Business Life Flourish Now

Today I woke up in the morning and thought of not going to work.

I thought that it would be liberating but really it isn't. There was a feeling that I was supposed to get in my guts. A feeling of liberation and the notion of choice!

I don't feel so free... No, one can never be free of all sorts of responsibility!

The world we live in needs money to function and in all cases and standards, we are defined by what we do in order to get that money. It is societies prerequisite.

It makes the worlds around us function.

To me money is energy. It allows me to do what I want when I want. To have all the things that I want around me.

I find that I have more money when I give more, when I have a unique attachment to the nature that I give in. By giving I  mean giving and sharing.

Like giving or sharing a service in a certain nature that invites more of that positive and beautiful energy!

People who commit crime are never free. They feel money become more of a burden and the force that slows and curbs that energy.

The way it is done is the way that it comes....

It is better to be altruistic and honorable in the things that we do.


I learnt that all businesses are run in different ways. There are so many different types of business that have their different requirements. The type of business may be a choice or a desire that controls you and your life or it could be a choice or desire that you control in your life!

There are elements that are essential when one decides to run a business and focus energy into a new enterprise. It takes competence, patience and dedication to make that work.
The greatest stories ever told are the true stories, the words of our past and future. I enjoy hearing the stories of material manifestation beyond all adversity.
They seem like heroes when they speak of struggles and pain, but in the end the payoff. They appear bolder when they speak of hard work and long hours but they relax in the shade... The rich life!!!!

I think that movies and Hollywood have altered the way that people see money. It isn't a thing that just appears at the right moment and stays there. Life goes on, change is so constant and vibrant but we hang on to the things that leave the biggest impression or yields the best results.
There is no formula to happiness...If there was then there wouldn't be happiness. That is why i seek it, I want to do and find the things that make me happiest and share them around, because happiness is doubled once shared!

The one thing that I saw lacking in the restaurant that I was working is that there is no synergy!
Synergy is way that human energy combines to form a new way of integration and relations. That is so important in a business or establishment. There is a simple importance in the things that we share in our difference...
Synergy is teamwork in the broader and more realistic sense. It is the energy in ourselves that we share and build among us. It is another way of understanding and learning together. Synergy is energy that cannot be depleted, only repeated!!!!!!!!!!

I had to do that!!!!

The other thing that I would change about the establishment and one of the most important, if not the fundamental thing is the management. Not the people managing!!!No, they are all great! But I would change the ethics that they choose to use.
Why does a boss always have to shout at workers? To make them work more, is the answer.
The problem is that most employers look and see their workers as objects to get what they want and extract all the energy from them for their 'selfish' purpose to get rich. The worker always maintains the same position, if not in reverse.
The people who really benefit are the people who own whatever whoo-haa it is! That is fine and completely understandable to the logical thinker, but where is the respect and empathy?
I think that I would work harder for an organization that actually cares about all aspects about me and the workers around me. It is important to have a team and build on that! People would be more dedicated and have fun on the job! Isn't that fun???

Having fun!!!!!!

I miss somethings about not going to work. Like the people that I meet and learn to be with. The trip to work and having time to do something beneficial. But it isn't completely worth it to labor for no ends if the time put in cannot match my needs and efforts.

We need to have fun at work to enjoy it.

Now the FIVE things that I know are needed to make a company, organisation, business, family maybe even relationship run smoothly are:

1. Intention that we feel and resonate

2. Focus, concentration and dedication
3. Synergy and full co-operation
4. Management and communication  
5. Having FUn and loving what you do!!!!!!

The last on is my personal favorite.

Have fun! Live Love and Give and you will receive! Try it and You will see your business enterprise and everything in your life florish!!!!!!!!!!

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